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This community center is an investment into future lives. There is great need throughout Guatemala. And where we are in our Department of Sacatepéquez is no exception. Santa Maria de Jesus has one of the highest illiteracy rates in all of Guatemala. This is a farming community with an average daily wage of $3.75. At present we are servicing close to 1,000 children and their families every week with nutrition programs, school scholarships, medical and clothing assistance when possible and several church gatherings throughout the week for the entire family. Additionally, we offer Bible and Character Building classes to the children after every meal and weekly youth activities/teachings and counseling as well as a discipleship program. Our intention is to bring the hope and future promised from God, demonstrating love to this community in Santa Maria de Jesús, as well as making disciples of Jesus Christ and teaching them to serve the Lord and others. – Find us Here!


How to help…

You can help us by giving of both your time and financial resources. Use the email communication form below and let us know if you would like to come and serve in one of the various aspects program. Our weekly operating costs are right at $8000/month. At present this is 80% subsidized through donations from various individuals and organizations. Our scholarship program is cash in / cash out donation method. At present we have 120 students in the program.

Scholarship Sponsorship…

We were once asked “how can we help the people of Santa Maria de Jesus get out of poverty?” The answer was clear and simple – Education! This was the birth of our scholarship program sponsorship with 35 children.

Basing out of our project Campos de Sueños we are providing educational scholarship to children in community of Santa Maria de Jesús. Our goal is to support 200 students. We are hoping to raise $13.75 USD per student per month for a total of 200 students. – 13.75 x 200 = 2,750 per month. The total yearly cost for an elementary school child is $165.00. This entitles the child to books and supplies, a full school uniform and jacket, a full Physical Education uniform, a pair of school shoes, a pair of sneakers, a backpack and other miscellaneous fees.




Click on this link to go to our donation page if you would like to help us financially. Below is a direct email form to communicate with us for any questions you may have.

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