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Casa 293 of 1000

Date Built: June 17, 2017

Home Owners:
Maria Socora Vicente & Simion


Maria and her husband, Simion, have lived a hard life. Neither one had the opportunity to attend school due to obligations placed on them by their parents and the impoverished circle they are trapped in. Maria spent most of the early years working to pay for all of her children’s needs because her husband would spend all his earnings on alcohol. Being a woman, she was never able to earn enough to better their situation. It was just enough to survive. Now, Simion does not drink but suffers the consequences of a life spent on his addictions. He is only able to earn Q25 to Q30 a day working in the farms (about $4). This will never be enough for them to build a home out of anything more than corn stalks and sleep on a bed made up of wood slats and a woven mat.

That is why a MilCasas house is of great benefit to this. This sponsorship has provided a home that they could only dream about owning. They now benefit from a clean and secure place to work, sleep, study and play and enjoy protection from the elements and pests. Of course they have received an efficient wood burning stove, water filter which will both benefit the family’s health and finances.





Thank you FruitCove Baptist for sharing with this family and serving them. They have already expressed their thanks and look forward to their hope and their future.