Casa #342

Casa #342 of 1000 Sponsored by Brush Harbor Homes, Virginia

Meet Eva and her little chubby cheeked baby David. Eva is a single mother who has struggled in life to be able to provide for her little one. In fact, her brother is the one who supports her and provides for the both of them. Currently, she can’t go to work since she has to take care of her 7 month old baby. Eva wants to work… but that’s where all her problems started. Eva used to live with her husband in her in-laws house. But her husband couldn’t find a job for a long time. Then Paula decided she wanted to try looking for a job so at least she could bring in some money. That caused friction between her and her husband and her in-laws. The situation was so bad she had to move out with her baby to her brother’s house. Eva is not receiving any support from her husband. And he still has no job.

Eva has dreamed of having a house on her own. She wants to work so she can provide for her and her baby. And when the opportunity arises, she would like to also start attending school again. She knows that in order to have better opportunities in life, she needs more education. She plans to finish elementary school and then high school! Life’s been a challenge for her, but she’s not ready to give up.

Eva had a little piece of land given to her by her parents, but had no money to start building on it. The blessing of this Milcasas house has helped Eva tremendously. It is right next to her brother’s house, which will allow her to stay close to her family and also to have a good support system. This family is benefitting from a safe, secure home. The house is now a home with a concrete floor, a set of bunk beds, a fuel-efficient wood stove, solar lighting and a water filter for clean drinking water. The new home also features an extended roof and comes as a free gift to Eva and her family just as Jesus offered us free salvation.

Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to share it in a real way.


James 2:17 – In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.