Casa #344
Casa #342 of 1000 Sponsored by Brush Harbor Homes, Virginia

This is Lucila. She’s married to Gustavo and together they have 2 children, Jose and Escarlett. Lucila is a housewife and she normally stays at home doing chores and taking care of the children. Gustavo works in the transit police department. For a long time now, they have been renting Gustavo’s brother house to live in. But recently, his brother has mentioned that he is planning to marry his girlfriend which will make it necessary for him to move into the house where they were living.

Lucila and Gustavo are hard workers, but the money Gustavo makes is not enough. They spend a lot of money in meds for Gustavo, who struggles with heart issues and high blood pressure. Jose suffers from seizures and high fevers. They used to live in Lucila’s parents house, but there were rats everywhere. Jose got very sick from the rat exposure and developed many health conditions as he grew up. His immune system is very weak, so they have to constantly pay extra attention to what he does or how he’s feeling. If that wasn’t enough, Scarlet fell on her knees while playing with other kids at school. She had to have surgery on one of her knees and now she has screw on her little knee. They also spend money on pain meds and are saving some more to be able to take her to a specialist that can check her case. Therefore, the family health issues have taken a toll on them. As it is common in this culture, they have been given a piece of land by their parents where they have hoped to build a house for a while now. But with all the medical conditions of the family, they just can’t afford to do that. And eventually they will need to move out as the brother will soon be needing the house where they live now.

The blessing of this Milcasas house has helped Lucila and Gustavo’s family in so many ways. It allows them to have a place they can call home and where they can live in peace. Peace to know that they now have their own home and won’t have to move from place to place. Freedom from rent. This helps them to stretch their money to make it to the end of the month.

The house is now a home with a concrete floor, a set of bunk beds, a fuel-efficient wood stove, solar lighting and a water filter for clean drinking water. The new home also features an extended roof and comes as a free gift to Lucila and her family just as Jesus offered us free salvation.

Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to share it in a real way.


James 2:17 – In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.