IDCmissions FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a passport?
Yes. You can go online for passport information here.

Q. Do I need a special visa?
No. You will receive a tourist visa stamp in your passport as you pass through immigration in the airport. The stamp is valid for 90 days.

Q. Do I need vaccinations?
They are Not required. Askyour doctor for those that are RECOMMENDED.

Q. Is food provided?
Yes. Three meals a day are provided from arrival to departure.

Q. Is transportation provided?
Yes. Vehicles will be picking up and dropping off your team from the airport and worksites outside of Antigua.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to shop or sightsee?
Yes. These opportunities will be built into your mission trip experience, in coordination with your team leader.

Q. What is the weather like?
Weather conditions vary from season to season and region to region. The dry season is from October to early May and the rainy from late May until the end of September. The average high temperature is 77°F and the low 55°F in the mid highlands.

Q. Where are accommodations located?
You will be staying in Antigua at a secure hotel we use as a missions house.

Q. Where are the worksites located?
Unless otherwise stated, locations are in and around the greater Antigua / Panchoy Valley area.

Q. Will there be interpreters?
Yes. As needed translators with our staff are available.

Q. What are the work hours like?
Approx. 7am until 6pm.