Maria Rosa

This is Maria Rosa and her little brother Tomás from Santa Maria de Jesus.  Maria Rosa came to visit us at Campos de Sueños earlier this year hoping to get some help.  She did not look well and had been running a high fever for several weeks.  Her parents have a difficult time making ends meet for day to day expenses such as food, so medicine and doctor’s visits are not a part of their budget!  When we saw this little girl in such condition, we could not ignore her situation and by God’s grace, we were able to get Maria Rosa the medicine that she needed.  It gave us great joy to see her countenance change as she began to feel better.

We found out that she is 10 years old and she was not attending school!  Around the same time frame, a friend sent us an e-mail telling us that she wanted to sponsor a school scholarship for a young girl!  Rosa Maria has been smiling ever since!  It’s a privilege to see many children experience God’s love and mercy in a tangible way!


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