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House Kit #1

Cost: $3200 USD

Your sponsorship will provide a family with a modest lifestyle improvement.  This package will help to meet their most basic needs of shelter, clean water and healthier living conditions.

This kit includes:

  • The Cosas Mejores Casa 1216 (a metal structure featuring a securable door and 2 windows)
  • Concrete pad 12’ x 16’ footprint
  • High-efficiency wood stove
  • A .01 Micron water filter (if properly maintained will last 7-10 years)
  • Bunk beds
  • House blessing of $100 USD worth of staple items
  • Focus of these homes will be with our current project site of Pastores.

House Kit #2

Cost: $4600 USD

These home kit includes all of the features of Home Kit #1 plus the following:

This package includes:

  • 6’ Roof Extension 
  • Concrete pad (12’ x 22’’ footprint)
  • Solar Light Kit

It is worth noting while there is a 30% difference in the cost of Home Kits #1 and #2, there is also a 30%
increase in the living space and usage. This price includes the additional metal, concrete and solar lighting system.

MilCasas Home Sponsorship
Effecting change for families in Guatemala
Changing the lives of families in Guatemala.