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In collaboration with Help The Children from Southern California, we are working to open a hospital project that when fully operational will serve as a regional medical center serving as many as 27,000 people.

Project History

In 2008, Help The Children from Bell, California (HTCC) ventured out to bring help to a community in Malacatancito, Guatemala. This help came in the form of a collaborative project between the local community, HTCC and The Children’s Network Foundation (Guatemala) – a foundation formed for the purpose of channel resources to the new hospital project. This relationship proved unstable as not all of the funds arrived to their designated intention.

Since 2013, the current leadership from HTCC has been working with Pastor Mike Watkins with the Fundación Centro de Sueños (FCDS) in Guatemala to recover and stabilize the project. During this time the individuals involved with the discrepancy of funds have been removed. The project is now positioned to move forward.


The physical structure is located in the Aldea of Cacum, Malacatancito (Clarification: Cities are made up of smaller communities and managed by local boards which answer to the respective city council and Mayor.)

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The basic layout provides space to accommodate overnight housing with 24 beds for patients; 24 beds for doctors and students; pharmacy; consult rooms; emergency trauma services; outpatient services; operating rooms; and laboratory.

Medical Jornadas

For three years the facility was operated without license by the prior parties involved. There was question for what benefit it actually served after only logging 250 or so visits during that period. After gaining control of the facilities we operated 16 days of Medical Jornadas from July – December with a total of 1600+ visitors.

Events are planned for the 2017 calendar.

Current Status

  1. The building was built as part of a land agreement between the then Mayor of Malacatancito, the local aldea board of Cacum and HTCC. In order to move forward the land usage permit is being changed to permit the hospital to operate in this location without obstruction for the next 30 years. This agreement should be resolved in the next 60 days.
  2. Once the property has been secured, licensing will be pursued to open the clinic. We estimate up to 60 days to complete this step.
  3. We are in need of funding for two purposes: 1- to bridge the gap in operations over the next 6 months; 2 – finalize licensing fees. We have been operating with minimal staffing. Our present monthly total is $2500 per month. To date, these funds have been through private donors and the delays for the land agreement has almost expended our resources. Once the doors are opened, we see operational revenue being generated to sustain operation. The licensing has been completed for the registration but we will need $1,000 to file the paperwork.
  4. Equipment has been donated since the beginning of the project. Much of it has sat unused since its arrival. It is estimated that it can be made serviceable and worth repairing. Resources are needed to pay the technicians to verify and certify the serviceability. We estimate this to be as much as $10,000.
  5. Final proposals are being prepared for building completions and renovations, bringing the facilities up to operation code to serve as a hospital. We are at present, $250,000.

If you have questions regarding this project, feel free to contact our – CEO Michael Watkins – mike@centrodesuenos.com – for more information.