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The newly reorganized Help the Children Family Medical Center is operating as a collaborative project of HTC and The Guatemalan Dream Center -Fundación Centro de Sueños (FCDS) in Guatemala. We are licensed by the Ministry of Health of Guatemala to operate single-day mobile medical clinics in various facilities. Additionally, we are licensed to operate a 24/7 Medical Services Clinic in our facilities once required codes and standards have been attained.

FCDS has a positive working relationship with the local community and its various sub-communities. The total footprint for Malacatancito is roughly 30 square miles – North, South, East and West. It has a population of approximately 27,000 people. With the exception of local health centers and small private-practice dental services, the nearest medical facilities are either thirty minutes to the north or 1½ hour to the south.

Our medical center facility has just over 30,000 square feet. Once completed, the facility will include guest dormitories, clinical consultation space, laboratory services, a surgical suite, and hospital bed space. At present, the total physical plant is approximately 75% complete, with plans for completion in the following phases.

Phase 1 – This includes the guest dormitories, clinical consultation space, and laboratory space. The plans have been completed. This Phase will require $30,000 to complete. Once finished, the doors can be opened for daily operation of this section of the medical center.

Phase 2 – This includes the surgical suite, hospital bed space, and expansion for various medical services (i.e. birthing center, kidney dialysis, etc.). While the majority of this area is built, the plans and estimates for finishing are being refined.

Phase 3 – This includes external plant modifications: the Guest Housing Center which is presently 40-50% complete (the finishing details are being refined), a solar energy collection system, and a rain harvesting and water treatment plant.

Phase 4 –The present – and planned – medical facilities require only two acres of our total five acre property. The remaining space is intended for an agricultural farm which will produce products to be used both domestically in a preventative health program as well as international export which will create a revenue stream to support the center’s community efforts. We have space to accommodate four 150 x 150 feet greenhouses. The cost to build each house is $15,000 and has the potential to produce as much as twice that amount in annual revenue.

How You Can Be A Part Of This Work

We are actively pursuing participation in the following ways. You can:

  1. Come to assist with community medical campaigns. Our hope is to have 8-10 medical events a year. These events will cover a variety of services as the facilities become complete. As a part of our single-day events during this past year, we were able to provide Dentistry, General Medical, Physical Therapy, Ophthalmology, and Minor Surgeries services. We plan to continue these services during the interim while the facilities are being completed. Our local medical staff provides all follow-ups to patient care.

    A typical schedule is as follows: 1) Arrive Saturday afternoon/evening. Stay overnight in Guatemala City. 2) Leave for Malacatancito Sunday morning. (Anticipate a six-hour drive.) Upon arrival, receive orientation and prepare as needed. 3) Operate your clinic for four days. 4) Return Friday to Antigua Guatemala, which is close to the airport. 5) Fly out and return home Saturday morning.

  2. Financially sponsor various aspects of the facilities and equipment needs. Phases 1 and 4 cost $30,000 each. The funds will provide the Family Medical Center with the ability to generate operational revenue.

Fees & Finances and Giving Work

  1. Once scheduled and confirmed, the volunteers joining us for the week pay a $650 in-country fee. This covers your food, lodging, transportation, and logistics coordination for the seven-day period (Saturday to Saturday) in Guatemala. You are responsible for your arrival to – and return from – the La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City.
  2. Payments of your in-country fees, donations for purchasing medications, building/facility enhancements, and various project sponsorships are received by our 501(c)3 Florida Corporation – The Guatemalan Dream Center, Inc. All donations are tax deductible. The funds are managed between the respective stateside and Guatemalan non-profits. Accountability and reporting for funds usage is available upon request. You can mail your check to:

The Guatemalan Dream Center
944 Alcazar Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Payable to
: The Guatemalan Dream Center, Inc.
Memo: Group Name / Trip Date / Purpose of Funds


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If you have questions regarding this project or have interest to participate, feel free to contact our CEO Michael Watkins – mike@centrodesuenos.com – for more information.