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This arm of the foundation brings 650+ volunteers a year into Guatemala to assist in various aspects of our projects and also with like minded organizational partners reaching into the community. Teams come typically for a week – a 7 day, Saturday to Saturday experience. They serve and take these experiences home to expand what can be done beyond themselves in their home communities.

Our hope is to assist other organizations to grow in their exposure and involvement to go beyond themselves. We do this by providing effective, short term, low-vulnerability Central American experiences.

We are most directly involved with like-minded ministries in our community and Guatemala as a whole. Our primary focus is La Antigua and the surrounding Panchoy Valley. Opportunities for your team include construction, children’s programs, help for local orphanages and hospitals, street evangelism, computer technology, educational sponsorship and more.

Remember – You can’t change Guatemala in a week, but Guatemala will change you and your team! Catch the vision of what your team can do on a short-term, purposeful trip!

IntroPlan ItPricingCalendarThe Application – Donations & PaymentsFAQsContact Us