IDCmissions hosts volunteers each year to serve in various aspects throughout Guatemala.  Our vision is to assist other organizations to grow in their exposure and continued involvement in these projects. We do this by providing effective, short-term service trips. We hope that after serving in Guatemala for one week, volunteers will take these experiences home to expand what can be done beyond themselves in their home communities.


We are most directly involved with like-minded ministries in our community and Guatemala as a whole. Our primary focus is Antigua Guatemala and the surrounding Panchoy Valley. Opportunities for your team include construction, children’s programs, help for local orphanages and hospitals, street evangelism, computer technology, educational sponsorship, and more.


With the recent effects of the pandemic, we have had to change our operating procedures and adapt to a new method for how to proceed. This is reflected most in our costs for hosting and how we are approaching team involvement. For both the novice and veteran groups. We offer various levels of involvement:


101 Experience – Giving Beyond Yourself

Cost – Value of the Project Gift

Give directly to the FCDS operations’ efforts (i.e., water filters, housing, food bags, Bibles, National Police Support). We use these resources given as designated.

Direct giving options:

- - -


102 Experience – Explore/Discover

Cost = $640  – This is an all-inclusive package (IDC Admin, Implementation, Transportation, Hotel, Food) + Projects Fees
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A familiarization trip where your team will see the broad landscape of missions in Guatemala. An educational opportunity to learn from missionaries and experts on the field and apply what you learn through our partnerships with local ministries with immediate practical application; learning about the culture; assisting local ministries; grow in your understanding of missions and desire to serve others.


This trip is particularly suited for team members that do not have extensive mission experience. A specially designed week includes teaching sessions and workshops that will directly correlate to that day’s service project. 


Basic Daily Schedule:

– Morning training session: Benefits – Historical – Present-day Needs – How does the missionary live?

– Afternoon field activity


(see our pricing page for costs break down)



103 Experience – Engage/Develop

Cost = Admin and Implementation Fees  + the option to facilitate your own Housing and Food and Transportation + Projects Fees

Create deep & long-lasting relationships with the community you serve. Spend the entire week building, sharing, encouraging, teaching, or helping families in one particular area in Guatemala through our various outreach tools.


This trip is for veteran teams looking to go deeper into their team experience by getting their hands dirty. While it still includes many of the standard sponsorship elements, the week’s activities will all take place in the context of one specific community. This approach allows the team to make more meaningful connections and opens the door for significant impact. It may require a bit more fundraising, is well worth the investment.


Many in Guatemala struggle to meet their families’ most basic needs. The opportunities you are creating help develop communities into places where families can thrive, opening doors to meet physical needs and, more importantly, spiritual ones.


Teams have the opportunity to facilitate their own logistics such as food, housing, and transportation for the week if they wish. These options are intended for our veteran teams looking for deeper involvement.


(see our pricing page for costs break down and recommended services)



104 Experience – Advance

Base Cost = IDC Admin and implementation + Customized Plan for In-Country Transportation +Hotel +Food

Share your teams’ professional skills to serve the people of Guatemala. Medical care, skilled laborers, educational and spiritual formation, and other areas of expertise are needed to impact Guatemala.



You can’t change Guatemala in a week, but Guatemala will change you and your team! Catch the vision of what your team can do on a short-term, purposeful trip!

Our list of partner organizations is continually changing but includes groups such as:

Ahava Ministries – (Center for Early Childhood Education of Guatemala) –

The Club – (Center for Early Childhood Education of Guatemala) –

reVive – (Enrichment of the Guatemalan community) –

Hope Haven International (Wheel Chair Manufacturing) –

Paso a Paso – (Center for Early Childhood Education of Guatemala) –




Visit our Partner Organizations page for more details.