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About this project…

A strategy to help 1,000 families and their communities – Change Their Futures.

For the people who love to help other people…

The plan is to build 1,000 homes in the Department of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. Building on the successes of Iglesia Del Camino (theIDC) from past years of experience, targeting families that are stuck in life due to circumstance and situation – families living in homes with cornstalk walls and dirt floors – replacing that structure with a dry, securable and cleanable place to live. Included in this home is a water filtration system, a high efficiency wood burning stove and a set of bunk beds.

For the people who love to train leadership…

Working with the Seminario Bíblico Guatemalteco in our neighboring community of Chimaltenango, we plan to utilize their last year students participating in their Saturday School as the labor team to build these homes and reinforce these families as Community Liasons. The participants in our program will receive scholarship resourcing for their final year of school and contract labor for the 16 weeks of their respective Community Collective Project. They will building homes and relationships with the families – learning skills in product fabrication, social services and small group technologies, bringing the families together with others from their community into small home groups – teaching and presenting options that can improve their quality of life from a Biblical base of values and principles.

The Building and Amenities…

The houses are simply four walls and a roof over a concrete slab, but for the recipient families in Guatemala, it is much more. Having these four walls means having someplace they are proud to call home. Someplace where the rivers from the rain runoff do not run through their homes and under their beds. Someplace where they can function and not be hindered by the elements or be fearful for security. A place where the children are not laughed at because of their lack of a home.

The houses come equipped with a bunk bed, a stove, a water filter, solar lighting kit, two windows and a door, and extension roof. Each of these units are featured at – our suppliers website. It gives the family the means to sleep off the floor. It gives them the means to cook their food without smoke inside their home. And not have to boil their water first to drink it. It gives them the means to function in their home after the sun goes down.

The metal house design doesn’t sweat in climate change and has proven to be comfortable inside in either hot and cold climates outside. Four walls and a roof over a concrete slab that can make all the difference in the world.

In a study of the homes built between 2011 and 1014 this combination of amenities was proven effective.  – Read the Study

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