Home Construction
Help a family in need move from dirt floors and cornstalk walls with unsanitary exposure to the elements to a metal frame home with a cement floor.

Package #1 – Standard House Kit: $2,850 _____________________________________

• The Cosas Mejores Casa 1216
• Concrete Pad (12’ x 16’)
• High efficiency wood stove
• .01 Micron water filter
• Bunk Bed
• One month supply of staple foods

Package #2 – Expanded House Kit: $4,100 _____________________________________

• All elements of the Standard House Kit
• Concrete Pad (12’ x 22’)
• 6’ Roof extension
• Solar Light Kit

Community Outreach

Working with IDC staff and/or partnering with other local ministries as we share Christ in the community.


Water Filters: $50

Add the gift of a Bible – $5
Add a gift of staple food items – $10

Fuel-Efficient Stove: $250

Wheelchair: $250

Homeless Shelter:  $200

Clothing/Shoe Distributions:  $0 – $500

Malnutrition Center:  $200

Medical Clinics:  $500 – $2000


General Labor

Use your skills to build or repair. Help organizations increase their effectiveness reaching their community
(add a roof, tile a floor, paint a wall, general maintenance, etc).


Team up with local after school programs, orphanages, or malnutrition centers to share through crafts, games, music & songs. Expenses will most likely be incurred in the U.S. prior to arrival.

Crafts (per site): $200

Snack (per site): $100

Gift/Goodie Bag (per site): $10085