Fundación Centro de Sueños - This is what we do... 1/6/22

by the Fundación Centro de Sueños Team – January 6, 2022

A New Year and continued Hope!

God’s provision this past year for the foundation is evident. Even during change (leadership, methods of operation, global push against Godly things), we see the hand of God sustaining this work in Guatemala. The concepts/slogans of living justly, loving mercy, walking humbly with God – Loving Him and Loving Others are not just things to say, but instead, these are anchoring points to this influential work.

Based on what we have seen, we hope for the coming year. The local and international team ministry plans are underway to impact Antigua and Guatemala.


Iglesia Del Camino has weekly activities between Sundays and days of the week to encourage and strengthen relationships with Jesus Christ. Through his gift of the Holy Spirit (Counselor), who gives us purpose.


IDCmissions brings more extensive community involvement opportunities to reach out to those not necessarily involved with our church. International teams have a base of operations to come to and reach out beyond themselves. Helping people they do not know.


ElévateGuatemala is an educational community outreach program serving the 150 or so families of Santiago Zamora, Aguas Calientes, Sacatepéquez. While averaging 40-60 preschool and elementary-aged children in program attendance, the programs are open to all community children.


These past years have given us reason to stop looking beyond ourselves and helping others, but that is not what we do. That is not who we want to be. Instead, we choose obedience to our call despite what the enemy (that which opposes God and His generosity) would have us do. We are thankful for the opportunities that we have and invite you to continue and/or join us in this journey as we take on every opportunity for the Glory of God. 


As you wish to get involved we have options. Come, do, and see this work in action. Empower this work with resourcing for housing for families, clean water for communities, and food for the hungry implemented by one of our action teams. Share this with 5 of your best friends and watch how God grows this work through your involvement.

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