FCDS partners with organizations, such as those listed below, to accomplish our mission.


These children are being poured into by godly leaders weekly, and we hope to complement what is being built into their lives. We welcome your creativity and personal touch with each lesson. Your team can prepare songs, dramas, crafts, bring puppets, do scripture memory, games, etc. We know the Lord has put special gifts and talents into each member of your team, and we want to encourage you to use them to impact these children for eternity.


With recent world events, each of our partners has had to initiate appropriate limitations for programs pertinent to their circumstances. Foreigners coming to only be with the children is not always the best for each of the respective programs. However, special projects funded, facilitated, or some other empowerment for each of the respective programs is always a good way to be involved.


Please note: Each organization has its own method of receiving gifts and donations if you would like to assist them directly. Any gifts given to FCDS on their behalf will be expensed and the resources provided for that purpose under the name of Fundación Centro de Suenos following our Policies and Procedures for the Management of Donations.

Beeline Wheelchairs – Wheelchair Sponsorships 

Providing sustainable freedom to the mobility impaired of all ages through innovative and customized wheelchairs adaptable specifically to each person’s needs.



For us, empowering and disciplining the new Generations is key for the ministry since we give them the confidence to express themselves and discover what is out there, discipline has to go hand in hand so that they do not lose focus, and as the basis of their education. and discipline based on the bible, the children are growing not only in age but also in knowledge of the word of God. At the same time sports and promoting good nutrition is part of the goal for the children of the community of San Antonia Aguas Calientes.


FCA Guatemala
Lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.


Municipalidad de Pastores

We are an institution dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, presenting quality services to the community, providing the active participation of each citizen in the planning and achievement of the integral development of the municipality, projecting itself in an avant-garde and progressive solidarity manner.


Brillo de Sol, Inc. – Serving children with special needs

Brillo de Sol, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, supporting and advancing the education, health, and quality of life of children with special needs and disabilities in Guatemala.

Municipalidad de Parramos 

Promote human quality and capacity, the resolution of social needs through entrepreneurship and dialogue for municipal development, thus providing public services that contribute to improving the quality of life for the benefit of the population.


Serve and Hope – Community Development

We work to improve vulnerable people’s physical and spiritual life through the distribution of drinking water, community development, and business training.


Worship Room

It is a space created specifically to share the love of God through worship and to be able to share with others the power that exists in worship and prayer.


Biblioteca Una Vida con Promesa

The Library is a place for children of different ages in the sector, focused on their education, and physical and spiritual health in God, the library gives them a space to do their school work, and they have different books at their fingertips that they can support their studies and also encourage the culture of reading in the community.


Revive Garden Sponsorship

Convey a message of love through teaching basic principles of sowing and reaping in the life of every person. Provide the communities we work in with greater food security, improved nutrition, sustainable living, and spiritual growth through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our most remarkable testimony to share Christ is through our behaviors. We believe in the power of restoration and desire to build loving relationships rooted in the character of Christ


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