FCDS partners with organizations, such as those listed below, to accomplish our mission.


These children are being poured into by godly leaders weekly, and we hope to complement what is being built into their lives. We welcome your creativity and personal touch with each lesson. Your team can prepare songs, dramas, crafts, bring puppets, do scripture memory, games, etc. We know the Lord has put special gifts and talents into each member of your team, and we want to encourage you to use them to impact these children for eternity.


With recent world events, each of our partners has had to initiate appropriate limitations for programs pertinent to their circumstances. Foreigners coming to only be with the children is not always the best for each of the respective programs. However, special projects funded, facilitated, or some other empowerment for each of the respective programs is always a good way to be involved.


Please note: Each organization has its own method of receiving gifts and donations if you would like to assist them directly. Any gifts given to FCDS on their behalf will be expensed and the resources provided for that purpose under the name of Fundación Centro de Suenos following our Policies and Procedures for the Management of Donations.

Hope Haven Guatemala – Wheelchairs Sponsorships $575

Refugio de Esperanza employs people with disabilities – most have previously received their wheelchair from International Ministries. For many of them, this is an opportunity to learn job skills and earn a wage for their family. The employees are trained to operate the machinery with assistive technology and educated on the manufacturing process for building the KidChair. Many of the employees are trained to help fit the recipient properly in their wheelchair. They are also able to use their life experience of living in a wheelchair to educate new wheelchair recipients and their families. You can sponsor a wheelchair, and be part of the fitting process of the chair for the person who will get the wheelchair. 

– refugiodeesperanza.us

Revive Garden Sponsorship: possible project gifting $300-$500

Revive defines its identity in helping families incorporate principles and values based on living, working, learning, growing, and enriching the knowledge of God through His love and truth. Revive focuses on, teaches, and instructs the heart to live and practice a life nourished in spirit and body through the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 

– reviveguate.com

EL CLUB: possible project gifting $300-$500

The Club has become a safe haven for, now, about 190 kids ranging from age 2-19. Their vision is “To transmit hope for a better future through promoting Christian values and principles to the children and teenagers, that will change their way of thinking and the way they perceive the world. Their GOAL-To transform the community by TRANSFORMING THE LIVES OF THE CHILDREN, providing them with the tools that will help them GROW physically, intellectually, and spiritually.” Your team will have the opportunity to interact with the kids for an afternoon.  You are encouraged to plan games, activities, crafts, a Christian teaching, and even provide a snack for the day. 

– trascender.org

PASO A PASO: possible project gifting $100-$400

Paso a Paso is a Christian Care Center and a preschool for underprivileged children. They have a small facility in San Antonio Aguas Calientes where they teach the children about hygiene and Christian values. They also feed the children as they can, have occasional workshops for mothers and young women to learn new skills, and be taught the Word of God.

– www.guidedsteps.org/paso-a-paso

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