Our Mission: We exist to provide hope, and a future by whatever means possible. We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to do so. We are a Guatemalan non-profit with a mission to help as many in Guatemala as possible.

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The Implementation:
We see the individuals in this world that live with challenges trapped by bad habits or social dilemmas. These entrapments can lead to various vices and addictions, increasing the individual’s vulnerability to a life that limits their potential. Situations like these and other life patterns can contribute to life cycles of extreme poverty manifested not just physically but also emotionally or spiritually.


We work to fulfill our mission with the following objectives:

– Contribute to improving the quality of life and the integral, holistic well-being of Guatemala’s people.


– Reduce child malnutrition rates by providing at least one nutritious daily meal to poor children.


– Offer opportunities for foreigners to know local needs’ reality, positioning them to participate through their resourcing and abilities.


– Provide health services through short-term medical clinics and local medical clinic partners.


– Provide a better housing option to those living in homes with dirt floors and cornstalk walls using prefabricated galvanized steel structures with possible amenities such as water filters, wood stoves, solar panels, and other practical technologies.

– Assist in the social reintegration of people recovering from addictions.

– Contribute to reducing poverty through education and training projects that help to provide options to become micro-entrepreneurs in areas such as carpentry, dressmaking, cooking, blacksmithing, and teaching.

An international component of our organization is “The Guatemalan Dream Center, Inc.” (GDC), a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit representing our interests at “Fundación Centro de Sueños” (FCDS), a Guatemalan not-for-profit that serves as a financial and legal covering for several action groups. And partners with others to implement the mission, bringing help, services, and education to Guatemala’s people.

Our action teams:

– Iglesia Evangélica del Camino (Training in spiritual values for the community) – iglesiadelcaminogt.com

– IDCmissions (FCDS Action Team – Foreign Volunteer Outreach Experiences) – idcmissions.org

– Living Food for Body and Soul (details coming soon) – (FCDS Action Team – Classes for life skills – Sanitation and Best Practices

Our list of partner organizations is continually changing but includes groups such as:

FCA Guatemala – Sports Christian Academy – FCA Guatemala Website
Municipalidad de Pastores
Hope Ministries – (Children’s Ministry / Community Outreach)

Visit our Partner Organizations page for more details.

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