ACTIONTEAM UPDATE: IDCmissions Bunk beds

by the IDCmissions Team – October 1, 2021

Providing a comfortable bed

We have seen God’s provision and his faithfulness around us this year. 


Many friends have sent money to sponsor money for bunk beds. We want to shout out to Southport Church and dear friend Michael Isenberg and many others for always helping and reaching the communities, even through the distance. 


Southport Church and others, during this past summer, raised money, and thanks to their effort, six more families now have bunk beds. As always, going into their homes, seeing how they live, and being able to be part of this small change for these families, is a blessing for us. 


We continue partnering with the Municipality of Pastores, the community of San Antonio Aguas Calientes,  San Pedro las Huertas and our brother and sister in Christ Nolo and Rachel Garcia, and of course, our Iglesia Del Camino family. 

Thank you, friends, and Southport for your donation, going beyond yourselves.

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