ActionTeam Update: Iglesia Del Camino

by Pastors Giovanni Enriques and Pastor Todd Erickson – June 6, 2021

March 14, 2020, Guatemala shut down for reasons of the Pandemic. Like many across the globe, this action required us to cancel all Sunday services and weekly activities and ultimately dismiss most salaried church employees as resourcing fell. This action was a time of stress in confinement and uncertainty. With legitimate concern, there was a lot of illness, unemployment, and need. 

Seeking God’s wisdom and direction, He made it clear it was no longer possible to continue working in the same way we had been. We shifted to serving the congregation in virtual meetings and teaching via online services and helping directly with food for families in our community in need due to the Pandemic.


The church leadership brought food and collected enough for 15 bags filled with rice, beans, pasta, a nutrition drink, and other items for 15 families. Over time, with support from other churches in the United States, this work increased to help to 20 families, then 80, then over 250 bags—weekly. Not only food, but we have also been able to distribute Bibles.


This work has now leveled to provide 300 bags given monthly. Every bag is an opportunity to share the word of God in word and deed. Recipients regularly participate in IDC activities. Some arriving as early as 5 am – the distribution does not start until 8:30. They have become a part of our community. We are following a Christian growth plan with them, feeding them physically and spiritually.


This work, on this scale, is a new ministry for IDC, in which our entire team serves. It has had a positive impact on our community. Please join us in praying that God continues to use the short talks given each month, that the donated food serves the families and that the provision needed to finance this ministry continues. Click Here to help.

Other highlights include:

      • In October 2020, we restarted with small group ministries: Women’s Ministry, Young Adults, Youth, Men’s Ministry, Family Ministries, Celebrate Recovery, both in video and face-to-face. All the while, we are maintaining caution and respecting the biosafety protocols established by the Ministry of Health.
      • November 2020, we began Sunday services with two services at 9 and 11 in the morning. These are still active to date. Attendance and involvement are as high as pre-pandemic levels. The difference is that we have fewer weekly visitors from the states.
      • The work with the Civil National Police has started again. Due to the emergency of the Pandemic, this had stopped for scheduling reasons.
      • We baptized 11 girls this year from the “Esperanza y Futuro,” a girl’s home to which we give spiritual covering.

Our goal continues giving life to our slogan, “Loving God Loving People.”


Could you help us continue our work? Click Here to find our donation page. We invite you to help us with the food outreach, rent for the building we utilize; eventually, we hope to rehire our staff.

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