Action Team Update: MilCasas - The Project

by the IDCmissions Team – July 1, 2021


Meet the Hernandez Family – Marlon (31), Maria Taj (24), Alejandro (7), and Santiago (2). A young family that lives in San Antonio Aguas Calientes Sacatepequez, 30 minutes from Antigua Guatemala. They have been renting a small structure with an open room and kitchen, and the four of them sleep in the same bed.


While they own a small piece of land, resourcing has prevented them from building a home that provides security. Marlon, while skilled in various trades – construction, electricity, maintenance, gardening – has no full-time work. But is called on at different times for various day labor positions. Maria takes care of the children and also does some jobs outside of the home as she is able. The children go to school for two days, and the rest of the week is at home with Maria doing homework. They attend a local evangelical church as they are able, in light of pandemic restrictions.


This scenario is not uncommon for many of those on our list of recipients waiting for a house. For one reason or another, they are hardworking people who have found themselves in a place I call “stuckness.” We have seen that this simple bump in circumstance alters the trajectory of their lives.

When doing philanthropic work, more often than not, the focus is the need and the resolution that organizations like MilCasas – The Project has provided, and we miss what God has done in the lives of those who stepped up on behalf of the recipients. But, to be clear, resourcing for these homes has relied heavily on donations and funds received from people and organizations alike. 

Meet the Gonzalez family, a single-income family. Read their story in this open letter to theIDC. This story of the donor is shared not for personal glory, but as Manuel Gonzalez tells us, God spoke to him and said, “I want this to be an inspiration to others.”



“In early 2019, our church announced a mission trip to Guatemala, and I instantly knew I was going! All I knew about the trip was we were building a house and doing VBS. I went to bless, and it turned out to be that I was the blessed one! The IDC left a big impression on me!


On the flight home, I started thinking of building another house, not me but our church! Then it went from I can do this, to I need to do this! I didn’t know how God was going to provide, but that wasn’t my problem! I just kept repeating, “Yes Lord, here I am, use me.”


I still say that to Him today. It took almost exactly two years for Him to provide for the first house, and what a blessing it was to us! When I saw the video and pics of the family and the house construction, I showed them to my wife. It touched our lives. It’s a fantastic feeling to be a part of what God is doing and especially that He would use someone like us! You’d think that’s it. At least I did! 


I went back to working on a project car, a 1949 Ford Custom Coupe that I had purchased the year before. It’s how I earn some extra money, and it keeps me out of trouble. I get them back on the road, enjoy them, and then I find new owners for them. All the while sharing the gospel with the people I encounter while working on these projects. 

It was getting to be time to find a new owner for the 49′. My thoughts were to get what I had in it and hopefully a little extra for me! But, then I heard the Lord again, “That car is going to build another house with the profits. Contact theIDC, ask them to pray with you for a buyer”. 


Guess what? As I am typing this letter, a second house is being built in Guatemala by the good folks at IDC! All because of “Here I am, Lord use me.” He wants to use us, you and me! Is this the last house our family is going to sponsor? I hope not. I would like very much to return someday to Guatemala with my wife, help with the construction of another house, and be blessed by God’s work through IDC. 


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this ministry.



Gonzalez Family

The Hernandez Family has a new house, and the trajectory of their lives is forever changed. All because of “Here I am, Lord use me.” 

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